Google Analytics Training


Our Google Analytics (GA) and Google Analytics 360 (GA 360) training courses are designed to help you get results. We believe in enthusiastically sharing our practical expertise and real-life examples with you. By doing this, we provide the most helpful and simple to understand Google Analytics training courses out there. This helps you to achieve the right outcome for your desired business objectives.

How can Mezzo Labs help?

Whether you have the paid version or the standard version, our experts can train you across all areas of the tool. From audit, implementation, and tagging through to KPI definition and campaign tracking, Mezzo can guide and support you accordingly. 

Who should Google Analytics Training be for?

You could be a student just starting out or a digital analytics professional looking to enhance their expertise. We have courses to suit all types from beginner to advanced with plenty of optional modules for you to choose from. 

What will you get out of it?

Aside from being completely competent in using Google Analytics, you will have full access to the training manual online, post-training support through our email ticketing system, and a certificate recognising your completion of the course.

What do we cover?

Our Google Analytics Standard course aims to provide attendees with a clear understanding of the basics. From understanding what digital analytics can do to help achieve your business goals to the setting up of campaign tracking parameters.

Our Google Analytics Advanced training takes you to the next level. With a good understanding of Google Analytics already, you will learn how to set up properties, integrate GA with other tools, create and share customised reports, and many more advanced features. 

Where are we?

Our dedicated training facility is a stone’s throw away from Old Street Station. 

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